Bridge Rewards promotes Fundraising Programs to help participating organizations raise additional funds for their needs.


Our mission is “Bridging the Gap between Resources and Needs“.  We affirm the value of “Cause Driven Marketing”.


RESOURCES are the various fundraising programs we recommend.  We anticipate adding more effective fundraising programs as we develop this platform or directory of listings.  For now the main one I am focused on is Stream in what I am calling the Save & Give Fundraiser.  You can find these under the Resources tab.


NEEDS are the  various participating nonprofit organizations that have adopted one of our fundraising programs.  Typically they depend on financial donations from donors but are open to other types of support.  Some have already adopted the Amazon Smiles affinity marketing fundraiser.  Most non-profits can use additional funding to fulfill their stated mission.  Click on the Needs tab to see those have adopted and currently developing the Save & Give Fundraiser.


NONPROFITS:  The organizations listed in the NONPROFITS tab are the organizations that are doing some valuable work whom we wish to invite to adopt a fundraising program.  If not, we simply want to recommend their good work for your consideration.


SERVICES:  Lastly, we list some SERVICES for your consideration.  These are various resources that we deem to be valuable in various ways.  Some of these are for-profit companies providing a great service for your consideration.


Thanks for your time to visit this platform or directory that points you a specific websites for your interest or need.  You may find some new interesting organizations or services.  Please help us find some nonprofits that can use one of our fundraisers to achieve their fundraising goals.  In doing so, that also generates funds for our nonprofits. Customers win. Nonprofits win including our own nonprofits.


We still need to update our Facebook and other means of connecting.  Transitioning this website has been a work in progress.  The more organizations that participate effectively in a fundraising program will obviously help us convince others to do the same.


Thanks,  Ron

Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A.

Founder / Director – Bridge Rewards

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