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    Liberty Health Group

    Are you willing to help adjust the course of the health care storm? Our goal is to chart a new course by highlighting problems and offering sustainable solutions. We believe it is not only possible to survive - but THRIVE, in today’s health care world. Watch our video at www.libertyhealthgroup.com. read more

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    Medical Mobilizers

    Our mission is “Mobilizing Medical Resources”. Thanks for checking out our website and services.   I am Ron Lively, Founder and Director of Medical Mobilizers.   As a mobilizer, I serve these roles: *  Health Care Sharing Mobilizer (Samaritan Ministries Sharing Plan) *  Virtual MD Mobilizer (Stream's Protective Service – Virtual MD) read more

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    Samaritan Ministries

    Help me promote the great benefits of this health sharing plan.  What is this health plan?  Samaritan Ministries is a very effective health care sharing ministry involving nearly 63,000 households of faith sharing over $23M of real medical costs per month with fellow members (Christians / members of a local read more