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    BUV Ministry

    Help me sell some BUVs and earn part of my commission fees while helping provide affordable transportation in Africa.  The Institute for Affordable Transportation (IAT) is a not-for-profit public charity devoted to improving the lives of the world's poor by providing simple, low-cost vehicles in order to facilitate community transformation.  read more

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    BUV Tanzania

         About BUV Tanzania Since 2012, BUV Tanzania has been providing transportation vehicles for rural Africa.   The strategy of BUV Tanzania is to focus on excellent customer service through our industry leading driver-training program. These drivers emphasize service above self and the profits follow.   Our manufacturing facility is read more

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    Transport For Christ

      to the Transport For Christ (TFC), International, web site. We are a mission organization dedicated to reaching, supporting and encouraging truck drivers.   Mission: To lead truck drivers as well as the trucking community to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. Vision: To provide an effective read more